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Elestado.Net reveals evidence that the Jorge Glas Case has been a setup

After two years of Lenín Moreno’s government, there is no doubt that judicialization of politics in Ecuador has been the sword of Damocles used by Moreno’s corrupt government and their darkest allies such as Bucaram, Lasso, Nebot, Páez and company to persecute the major representatives of the Citizen’s Revolution like the unjustly imprisoned constitutional Vice President Jorge Glas.

During 2017, the government made a turn towards neoliberalism, finding an ally in the far-right with a clear goal in mind; dishonour the most important figures of the revolution, turn the country into a de facto system and turn the people back into the neoliberal model which, in the past, had caused so much damage in Ecuador.

We’ve seen the police parade around supposed witnesses ‘effective cooperators’, journals hastily done in 30 minutes and accept as evidence a pen drive; the same one used to incriminate Jorge Glas for a crime that was never really proven.

The aforementioned pen drive was handed in as supposed evidence by the employee of Televisión Satelital, Antonio Alcívar, through the chief of police Francisco Beltrán. The device was what was used by the police against the constitutional Vice President, breaking all protocols on procedures and subsequently, laughing in the face of the Law and the Constitution with the sole aim of removing Jorge Glas from power in order to guarantee the switch to Neoliberalism.

The press in the hands of the oligarchy, in agreement with the government, played its role. Blind eyes and deaf ears to the questions that need to be asked and so evident such as ‘Why did Alcívar have that information? Where did it come from? Where is the source of that information? Was the information on the pen drive real or falsified?’ And most important of all, ‘What was the link betweed Beltrán and Alcívar for that information to have gotten into their hands?’

Our sources, who we shall keep anonymous out of fear of persecution from Lenín Moreno’s government, has allowed countless documents to reach our editorial office, wherein there are chats between Beltrán and Alcívar and other where there is clear evidence of a conspiracy, where, in exchange for money, information is given, which is neither authentic nor with source, was used in the prosecution.

  • Antonio Alcívar Araúz was an employee of Ricardo Rivera.
  • Ricardo Rivero is the uncle of Jorge Glas.
  • Alcívar’s wife is called Helen.
  • AA is Alfredo Araúz, Alcívar’s cousin. He uses a phone number whose area code is in Colombia. Antonio Alcívar Araúz, Helen and Alfredo Araúz collect, take and send money to Peru (they have a diary whch is carried by Helen wherein it specifies that they manage approximately an amount of 300,000 USD), pay credit cards, take out additional cards, invest in real estate, lend money, pay for the education of a cousin (Gaby) so that she can become a lawyer and defend them, especially Alfredo due to his run-ins with the law, and Antonio Alcívar as he wants to divorce his wife.
  • Daniel. Called ‘Cousin’ by Antonio Alcívar. They discuss making fake licenses, due to the fact the Alfred Araúz cannot return to Ecuador as he is wanted by the police and drug cartels.
  • Alexandra is another person with whom the licenses are discussed.

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This article was translated by Kane Mesa.