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Ecuador: civil society comes to the rescue

Since last May, dozens of groups of the Ecuadorian civil society have been set up to defend Ecuadorians’ rights to participation and social control, as well as lead the defence of prisoners and persecuted politicians by the Ecuadorian government, which has violated all institutions of the functions of the State.

From this initiative was born the International Network of Organizations of the Ecuadorian Civil Society, which works jointly with the lawyers of the prisoners and persecuted politicians of Ecuador. The Network has been very active and has already filed more than 23 complaints before the IACHR and the UN.

In recent days a campaign of donations for the legal defence of prisoners and persecuted politicians in the international cases has begun; without a doubt the victims in Ecuador are practically all leaders of the Citizen Revolution of former President Rafael Correa.

For this reason, in a public appearance the former president encouraged collaboration to recover Ecuador’s institutionality, which, according to him: “must belong to all, not only to the Correistas”.

In recent hours, Vice President Jorge Glas Espinel, the most emblematic case of political persecution in Ecuador, has issued a manuscript through his lawyers in which he encourages the support of this initiative. We enclose in this chronicle the letter of the constitutional vice president, as well as the ways of collaborating with this initiative.


“Partners, I write to you from jail. Not only are we prisoners or persecuted politicians, this situation breaks us financially and we have no resources for our legal defences inside and outside Ecuador. We need your help, your solidarity. The International Network of Organisations of the Ecuadorian Civil Society gathers resources to help out defences – support them. Soon the weights will end, until then we must resist. A hug to everyone. Ever onward to victory! Jorge Glas CRS – Cotopaxi”.

How to collaborate?

Visit: for more information.


To donate via bank transfer: Banco Ibercaja (Spain).

Account number: ES96 2085 8341 08 0330188504.

To the name of: Red Internacional de Organizaciones de la Sociedad Civil Ecuatoriana.

Vía Paypal. Click here.

This article was translated by Etta Selim of @RevolutionFore6.