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Can Lenín Moreno already be called a dictator?

President? Are you serious? I flat out refuse. I already struggled to qualify him by the name given to one who reaches executive power through free elections a few months after he came to the presidency, because he won by taking advantage of Rafael Correa’s image and maintaining an electoral program that has only served him to do the opposite of what is enclosed in it.

My hands hurt to type that post as I spoke of Lenín Moreno when he made a coup d’etat upon his own vice president because he did not follow his own betrayal of the people. I felt frustration pronouncing it, knowing that poverty was growing at the same rate as persecution of the political opposition.

My brain’s language centre prevents me from continuing to do so today. I simply cannot. It is no longer the theft of the popular vote of the Council of Citizen Participation and Social Control (CCPSC), INA INVESTMENT, the cuts to the health and education sectors, the violation of the constitution to prevent the return of Rafael Correa, the unjustified transfer of Glas, the half-million people who have regressed to poverty, the attack on the media, the staging of the Glas Case, the privatisations, the increase in fuel, the attack on labour rights… it is that there are innocent people murdered by the repressive forces of the regime.

We speak of his re-violating the Constitution to decree an unjustified state of exception, the causes for which it was intended not present today, thereby unleashing a brutal repression which has sown fear and demobilised protests. And all this, only to not be judged for his own corruption of INA INVESTMENT.

Lenín Moreno, and I say this without apologising or begging forgiveness from anyone, is a dictator with fascist ways imported directly from the 20th Century, concretely from Augusto Pinochet and Francisco Franco.

This article was translated by Etta Selim of @RevolutionFore6.